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Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Monday, August 12, 2013

What I Think About On My Long Runs: Casting THE SECRET HISTORY

Today I had my last sort-of long run before my marathon on Sunday. (Note: If you don't see me online next week, it's because I'm recovering from, you know, dying on the course.)

I try to avoid thinking about my current revision of THE TIGER QUEENS while running, mostly because it's highly inconvenient to have to stop to type my ideas into my phone and otherwise I'm guaranteed to forget them. So today, a reviewer's comment on THE SECRET HISTORY got me thinking about who my dream cast would be if Hollywood ever came calling. 

(Of course, I realize I'd have no say whatsoever regarding any of this, but humor me here--running can be mind-numbingly boring, but thinking of Francois Arnaud as Justinian is pretty darn fun, especially when Pitbull is blaring in my ears.) 

Also, you'll notice that I had no qualms resurrecting the dead. It's my dream cast so I'm allowed a few zombies, er... liberties.

THEODORA: Diane Baker (the younger years)
A reader mentioned Baker's resemblance to Theodora and I have to agree-she's a dead ringer for my favorite prostitute-turned-empress!

JUSTINIAN: Francois Arnaud
I'll be honest--I went with Francois Arnaud for Justinian because of his hair. I've always thought Justinian had great hair. Just ignore the whole Cesare Borgia persona and imagine him with ink-stained fingers and schematics for the Hagia Sophia stuffed in his pockets.

ANTONINA: Elizabeth Taylor 
Liz might be a smidge too imperious for Antonina (I always think of her as Cleopatra), but they both had multiple husbands and scores of men falling at their feet. I picture her dressed up as Medusa... sniping all the while at Theodora.

HECEBOLUS: Russell Crowe (the Gladiator look, not the recent shaggy bear look)

Russell Crowe in Gladiator was pretty much who I thought of as I was describing Hecebolus: the classic Roman tough-guy. Only Hecebolus is a lot less honorable...

MACEDONIA: Penelope Cruz
Cruz has that polished courtesan look to her, like she could look down her regal nose and teach Theodora a thing or two...

EMPEROR JUSTIN: Ernest Hemingway

Ol' Ernest has that crusty soldier/fisherman look to him that would be perfect for a former swineherd-turned-soldier-turned-emperor. (Side note: I actually can't stand Hemingway or his books, but they guy was larger-than-life, similar to how I imagine Justin in his early days.)

So that's my cast! What do you think? Is there anyone totally different from how you pictured them? 


Julie Dao said...

Ooo I love this cast! So much fun! Are you on Pinterest? You should make a board for your books. Good luck on your marathon!! Knock 'em dead.

Colleen Turner said...

Perfect! I love Francois Arnaud as Justinian. Or, you know, I just love him...:).

Stephanie Thornton said...

Julie--I was on Pinterest, but I stopped. Now I'm thinking I should pick it back up...

Colleen--I second that motion!

Crystal Collier said...

Awesome cast!! I always wish I could grab two or three people, steal one feature or three and mesh them all together, but I'm not that talented a graphic artists. No one ever fully fits the images I have for characters, and truth? I hate it when anyone tries to define the characters visually. They always look better in my head. ;)

That said, this is an awesome cast!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Crystal--That's why I don't like seeing movie adaptations before I read books. I prefer to make up how the character looks in my head. That said, I've got a couple Borgia novels in my TBR pile and I don't think I mind always seeing Francois Arnaud as Cesare!

Mark Noce said...

Runnign is a great time to think about your novel:) Great casting choices, but they're all so good looking! You need a few intriguing uglies added to the mix;)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Mark--I left out John the Cappadocian because I couldn't think of anyone. He could definitely be the intriguing ugly!

vbtremper said...

Wow, that is quite a cast. Modern technology could totally make that happen! Well, you've got great reviews, and I'm sure you'd get an amazing cast. Congrats!


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