Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Secret History Cover Reveal!

I've been sitting on this for what feels like forever, but it's finally time for the big cover reveal of The Secret History

(Think of this as an early Christmas present. Now you can't say I didn't get you anything.)

And so, without further ado...


When I first saw this I pretty much grinned like an idiot for the rest of the day. I absolutely love it! And I think Theodora would approve of sharing the space with the Hagia Sophia and the Ravenna mosaics.

(And now for the shameless plug--feel free to add The Secret History to your shelf on Goodreads if you haven't already!)

Merry Christmas everyone! May your holidays be filled with happiness, peace, and wonderful memories!