Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mile 6, How I Loathe Thee

Today I tried to kill myself. Again.

In a moment of utter foolishness, I signed up to run a HALF-marathon over Labor Day weekend. (I specify HALF-marathon because training this summer has convinced me of one thing regarding full marathon runners: they are bat-sh*t crazy.)

Today I ran 11 miles. The first five were easy.

Then came Mile 6.

It's a little more than halfway through. The lovely Julie Dao suggested on Twitter that at this point I should have been joined by unicorns and candy. But no...

Instead, Mile 6 ushered in aching hips, sore feet, and the dreaded ankle pain that felt like someone was stabbing through the top of my foot with a butter knife. (I garnered this lovely injury by stepping in a pothole in Greece this summer. And falling very gracefully while teaching any Greek children on the road how to curse colorfully in English.)

So I hobbled along until just before Mile 10 when I was bombarded by a crazy swarm of bees. (No, I'm not making this up.) Then I ran like... well, like there was a swarm of angry bees on my tail.

So, yeah, the middle of long runs sucks. Here's where you can feel free to insert some great analogy for writing the middle of a novel. (Something I'm also quickly approaching that also tends to suck.)

However, I ran 11 miles today so I'm going to go eat a big bowl of peanut-butter chocolate ice cream that's calling my name. It's not candy and a unicorn, but it'll do.


Julie Dao said...

Peanut butter chocolate ice cream is SUCH a great consolation prize. You totally deserve it and should eat it. For your health... and stuff. You know.

Miranda Hardy said...

Congrats on finishing. The bees were there to cheer you on, I'm sure. Lol

Enjoy that ice cream!

Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! Glad you made it home to the ice cream!! :)

I'm impressed by people who can run - even when I was young and in shape, I could never run. *sigh*

Stephanie Thornton said...

Julie--Peanut butter chocolate ice cream is totally a health food. Calcium, protein... all the good stuff!

Miranda--All I know is they didn't sting me!

Jemi--I've never been a runner until this last year. I don't mind shorter runs, but these long runs are more like torture than fun.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Yikes! Sounds... painful. :( Enjoy your ice cream, you deserve it! :)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Bethany--Not as painful as being stung by bees! And it sure made that ice cream extra tasty!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Somehow I missed you selling books! This is SO amazing! A huge congrats to you.

Debra Giuffrida said...

Running? Why? Oh yeah, you had an angry swarm of bees after you. That's the only way I would run. If I want to get anywhere I usually ride my horse. Let him do the running. (smile)
Hope you enjoyed the ice cream and didn't share it with your little peanut!