Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Tummy Hurts...

I'm a goal-setter, but I like to keep my writing goals achievable. (Read: LOW)


Take this excerpt from my life Thursday night, the day before my monkey became a big four-year-old.

MONKEY: Mommy, my tummy hurts.

ME: Why don't you sit on our nice white couch and read some books while I bake your super awesome Buzz Lightyear cupcakes for preschool tomorrow?

Cue attack of the stomach flu! (And cue the sympathy for the monkey- she spent her 4th birthday curled up in front of the TV. And didn't eat any cupcakes. Poor thing!)

Let's just say I now know that when the little monkey says her tummy hurts, I should NOT sit her on the white couch. I had taken a personal day on Friday to celebrate the monkey's birthday with her and hoped to get a little writing done, but instead I did a whole lot of nothing. Unless you count cleaning. There was a whole lot of cleaning.

So I'm in awe of you NaNo-ers. Instead of a whopping 50,000 words this month, I'd like to get 15,000 words down.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? (Yep, just nod and smile.)