Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Will Publish For Cupcakes

Here's the conversation my three-year-old monkey and I had last night...

MONKEY: Mommy, what does publish mean?

ME: Well, it means that an agent says they like my book and they find someone who will make lots of copies of it. Then they put them on the shelves in the book store so people can buy them.

MONKEY: Oh, mommy- I can publish your book! Next time we go to the book store I'll put your book on the shelf. Then a mommy and a daddy will come and say, "Hey, kid! Here's a book!" Then they'll buy it and take it home. Then they'll read it and love it. Yay!

So next time you go into Barnes & Noble and see a paper-clipped copy of Hatshepsut (probably on a low shelf with chocolate cupcake fingerprints) you'll know that's definitely my book. It might be free too- I'm not sure if my new agent/editor knows about UPC's, Bookscan, and all that.

Also, if anyone else is looking for an agent/editor please feel free to query my little monkey. She can't read yet, but she likes pictures of princesses and owls. If you could work in a story about pink princess owls that would be even better. And I'm pretty sure she'll work for cupcakes. But only chocolate or pink ones.

Image from Thrill My Heart.