Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lessons From Space Mountain

I went to Disneyland for the first time when I was nine. Splash Mountain had just opened and all my little friends were jealous that I was going to go on the coolest ride ever.

The first day in the park we had breakfast with the characters and hung out in Tomorrow Land before the rest of the rides opened. My dad loves roller coasters and told me I had to ride Space Mountain with him.

"But Dad, it's dark. And loud," I said. "I don't think I want to go."

"It will be fun," he said. "It's just like Splash Mountain."

(NOTE: We hadn't ridden Splash Mountain yet so this was blatant false advertising. Thanks, Dad.)

I got in line with him. Along the way were signs warning expectant mothers and people with heart problems to turn back.

Dead men tell no tales...

Wait. Wrong ride.

Space Mountain was dark. And scary. And waaaaaaay too fast. I screamed. I cried. I begged to get off. I thought I was going to die.

FYI- Disneyland does NOT stop Space Mountain for hysterical nine-year-old girls.

I survived, but I don't think I talked to my dad for the rest of the day. My point (yes, I have one!) is that there are times I want off the Query/Writing Roller Coaster too- it's scary and I feel like I'm in the dark. It's a little too dramatic for my taste.

So help a girl out here, talk me back from the edge. Do you ever want off this ride too? Do breaks help? What else do you do to keep yourself sane?