Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ohlala! Awards!

I've been hoarding awards like a pirate hoards his treasure (that simile is compliments of my three-year-old daughter who recently discovered pirates are really cool). So it's time to pass some on!

First up we have the Butterfly Award, bestowed upon yours truly by Shannon O'Donnell. I love butterflies so I thought this was pretty cool! It's meant to be shared with the coolest blogs I've found so I'm passing this along to:

Libbie Hawker because she writes about Hatshepsut too!
Lola Sharp @ Sharp Pen/Dull Sword is always fun and is about to reach 100 followers!
Cynthia Reese has a blog I've just discovered, but the letter from the Easter Bunny she just posted is priceless!
Josin @ My Bloggish Blog Thing is pretty darn hilarious!

Next up is the Prolific Blogger Award, given to me by Roni @ Fiction Groupie.

Lindsey @ Dangerous With a Pen: She's a teacher, mommy, and writer too!
Shannon O'Donnell is pretty much just an amazing blogger. And talk about prolific- holy cow!
Jemi Fraser maintains a great blog and I see her comments EVERYWHERE! She's amazing!

Ahoy! Finally, we have the Treasure Award, also gifted to me by Shannon O'Donnell. I'm passing this one along to great blogs that I just adore.

LiLa @ Lisa & Laura Write simply because their blog never fails to make me laugh. I can't wait for their book to come out!
Julie Dao @ Silver Lining because I've always enjoyed her lovely blog.
Elana Johnson is amazing. I know you all know her blog, but it always leaves me with that warm, fuzzy feeling. She deserves another award, darn it!

Okay, I actually have more awards, but it's time to put the munchkin to bed so that will have to do it for this round. Enjoy shopping some new blogs!


paulgreci said...

Congrats to all the award winners and thanks for the links to some blogs I haven't checked out.

Piedmont Writer said...

Congratulations! Well deserved.

Libbie H. said...

Woo, yay! thanks!!

If you wonder why I am up early, it's because my sister just called to tell me she's in labor with Kid #2 (sex unknown). So between being an auntie again and getting a blog award, this is shaping up to be the best day ever!!

Lola Sharp said...

CONGRATS on all your sparkly awards! Well deserved, Stephanie.

THANK YOU for awarding me with one! That is one I've actually never received before. :o) Pretty.

Congrats to all your other winners!
I'll be back later today to visit the few I don't know.


Susan R. Mills said...

Congrats! You deserve them all.

VR Barkowski said...

Huge congrats on the awards, Stephanie! Not only are they well deserved, you've picked exemplary blogs to share them with!

Amalia T. said...

Congratulations on your awards! I have to admit that I've been a bit of a hoarder myself, lately... I might be a little bit lazy :)

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Gracious, congrats on all the awards! I'm simply the worst for passing them along, so those that do have my deep admiration. Thanks for the links - there's some new names for me there!

Steph Damore said...

I hoard blog awards, too! As much as I adore spreading the love, those posts always take me forever to write and I always feel like I'm leaving someone out!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Wow. That Shannon O'Donnell chick must really love this blog! Ha ha ha. I do. I do love this blog!

Congrats on your awards Stephanie, and thanks for the surprise gift of the prolific blogger. I'm honored, because I know you had A TON to choose from. :-)

Josin L. McQuein said...

THANK YOU for the award!!!!! It's so pretty!

LoL that you think I'm funny. People are always telling me that on-line, but IRL, I'm not. Apparently my sense of humor was uploaded to an off-site storage facility and is only accessible via the Internet.


Dawn Simon said...

Congrats on the well-deserved awards! :)

L.T. Elliot said...

Congrats on all the awards! =D

Medeia Sharif said...

Congratulations on your awards. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the awards - very much deserved :)

Thanks so much for passing one my way and the kind words - you're so sweet!

Cynthia Reese said...

Oooh, wow! My first blog award! Now, I, er, just have to figure out how I pay this forward?? And, er, figure out how to put it on my blog -- HTML 098 class, here I come! Intrepid blogger-person I'm sooo not.

But more importantly, thank YOU for your blog and your unique perspective on life ... you keep me smiling!