Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Motherload Contest: Three Stupendous Books AND An Ancient Roman Coin!

This is the contest to end all contests!  From today through Sunday, April 11th, you can enter to win the following:

1.  A signed copy of Michelle Moran's Nefertiti
2.  A signed copy of Michelle Moran's Cleopatra's Daughter
3.  A brand-new copy of Pauline Gedge's Child of the Morning (with a new forward by Michelle Moran
4.  And a certified ancient Roman coin!

I know, totally amazing, right?!  Can I just say right here that Michelle Moran rocks?  Here's what you need to do to enter and accrue extra entries:

(+1)  Post a comment to this post with your email address 
(+3)  Be a follower of this blog (new and old followers)
(+3)  Post this contest on your blog's sidebar
(+5)  Tweet, post to Facebook, or devote a whole blog post to this contest (only one type of ad required for the extra 5 entries)

 The contest is open to anyone (including all you international folks) and will run from now until Sunday, April 11th at 11:59PM Alaska Standard Time.  On Monday I'll put all the entries into a random drawing and announce the winner.  Good luck!


KM said...

Oh how I love historical fiction!!!

+1 commenting (katiemstout[at]gmail[dot]com)
+3 being a follower
+5 tweeting about the contest (twitter.com/katiemstout)

Very cool contest!!

Amanda J. said...

OH! Fun! I'm just getting into historical fiction, but I absolutely love Egyptian history. :)

+1 commenting (a-j[at]cox[dot]com)
+3 new follower
+3 sidebar (acjblogger@blospot.com)
+5 tweet

Good luck to everyone!

Bane of Anubis said...

Awesome contest, Stephanie -- I'll recuse myself, but I will definitely mention this over at BBB.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Honestly Im most dying for the coin!!!!!!!!!!! Def enter me!

Email (+1) frankie.mallis@gmail.com
Old Follower (+3)

Thanks for the great contest!

Susan R. Mills said...

I love contests! +1 And, I'm already a follower +3.

Julie Dao said...

Yes!! This contest sounds amazing!

+1 juleswrites85@hotmail.com
+2 old follower
+5 Tweet @jules_writes

= 8

Jody Hedlund said...

Love historical fiction!
Comment +1
Just signed up +3
Will Tweet your contest +5

Thank you! jjhedlund(at)aol (dot) com

Lyn South said...

I love, love, love historical fiction! I don't know much about Egypt, so your books look really fascinating.

What makes Hatshepsut such an object of obsession for you? :)

Comment +1 point
Following Your Blog +3 Points
Already Tweeted: +5 Points



Falen said...

fun times!

4 entries for me!


sherrinda said...

I absolutely love historical fiction!!!

+1 Comment. :)
+3 Became a follower.
+5 Tweeted about the contest!

Thanks for the opportunity!
sherrinda (at) gmail (dot) com

Jaime said...

WOW!! What an AMAZING contest!! the Roman coin is killer - considering Rome is my favorite vacation spot! :) and I'll have to check out teh books too - intriguing!!

Amalia T. said...


(+3) Follower!
(+5) Tweeting! http://twitter.com/AmaliaTd/status/11314968569
(and I will probably do a blog post too later!)

I do not do the sidebar stuff for contests so I can not count those points :( but put me down for PLUS TEN!! Hurrah! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Amalia T. said...

oh wait, that's plus nine. apparently I can't do math on rainy days :(

Natalie Murphy said...

Ooo! I've been wanting to read her books!!

+1 nataliemurphy@live.ca
+3 already a follower =)
+5 tweeeeeeeet

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Wow. That coin has me mesmerized!

+1 (Obvious)
+3 (I follow your blog - with enjoyment, I might add)
+5 I'll tweet! @elspethwrites

Email: ejantonelliATgmailDOTcom

L. T. Host said...

Man, I should probably not enter. But I really want to. Great contest, and good luck to everyone!

Getting Lost In London said...

+1 kristinmhuben@gmail.com
+3 *Follow*
+5 *tweet*

Elana Johnson said...

Wow, very cool! :)

Muse in the Fog said...

Wow, this is a crazy awesome giveaway even!!! Roman coin, Roman coin :)

+1 muse_in_the_fog@hotmail.com
+3 follower
+5 tweet: https://twitter.com/Muse_in_the_Fog


Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome contest Stephanie!!

3 - old follower
1 - email -- jemifraserATgmailDOTcom

5 - tweeted @jemifraser

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I am a most loyal servant of the supreme dictator! +3

I will sidebar +3

I will Facebook it +5

mrso_d at yahoo dot com +1

= +12

btw, you totally rock! :-)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Okey-dokey! My links are set. :-)

Lola Sharp said...

Awesome contest! (that coin is pretty awesome)

Old follower-3

authorlolasharp at gmail dot com


Good luck everyone!

J.J. Bennett said...

Cool... I'm on it.

Tweeted, Facebooked, Followed, commented!

J.J. Bennett said...

Added to my blog!

Tamika: said...

Awesome contest!

Commented + Followed (ages ago)!


Dangerous With a Pen said...

Oh, Steph, what an awesome contest!!!

Comment (+1)
Follower (+3)
Sidebar (+3) (@ Dangerous with a Pen)
Facebook (+5) - Lindsey Decker Brooks

Very exciting! :D


Just Another Sarah said...

Oh...I would so like that Roman coin! Yeah, the books would be great, too.

(+3)posted to sidebar
I will probably also write a post about it, but I won't put up my request for the extra points until I do so...

VR Barkowski said...

How can I resist such a fabulous contest???

+1 Comment vr(dot)barkowski(at)gmail(dot)com
+3 Follower - of course!
+3 On Sidebar: http://vrbarkowski.blogspot.com/
+5 Tweeted:

Voidwalker said...

I'm excited. That's a pretty cool prize, especially the coin! I like coins, so it's extra perky for me :)

My email trueborn25@hotmail.com

(+1) Post a comment to this post with your email address

(+3) Be a follower of this blog (new and old followers)

(+3) Post this contest on your blog's sidebar

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, and I put you on my sidebar....I forgot to add that...

my previous 4 points (see above) plus 3 (sidebar)=

7 pt.

Jackee said...

What a great contest! Thanks! Email: jackee(dot)alston(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm already a follower and will be putting it on my sidebar.

Good luck to everyone!

Jenna Wallace said...

Oh yeah...I'm all over this contest!

+1 for me - dreamstate (at) att (dot) net
+ 3 as a follower

If I can figure out how to make my template work, I'll get you on the sidebar too!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I adore historical fiction! Count me in...please. :)
+1 comment
+3 follower
? +3 you are on my sidebar....I don't have a seperate section for contests, so when you list that you are having a contest it shows up on my sidebar...

ntsang said...

Great contest! I really liked Cleopatra's Daughter, but it irked me that it was spelled "kleopatra" in the text.
#1 fluffy.lili at gmail dot com

Abby Annis said...

Cool contest!

+1 Comment with email: abbyannisblog (at) earthlink (dot) net

+3 Following

+3 Sidebar link here: http://abbyannis.blogspot.com/

+5 Tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/abbyannis/statuses/11764941789
and included it in my blog post here: http://abbyannis.blogspot.com/2010/04/like-gazillion-contests-and-blogfest.html

So that's 12 entries, right? :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

What an extraordinary contest. I have posted a comment with my email rxena77@yahoo.com. I am a follower. And my cat, Gypsy, is the reincarnation of Cleopatra {at least she thinks so.}

Thanks for such an innovative blog. Come visit mine http://rolandyeomans.blogspot.com/

Have only happy surprises this week, Roland

L.T. Elliot said...

+1 comment
+3 new follower
+5 tweeted. =] (LT_Elliot)

This is an awesome contest. I didn't even know there was much fiction out there with Egyptian themes. How cool is that?! My email is ltelliot at live dot com. =] Thanks!

Natalie said...

Well this looks awesome! I'm glad I stopped by.

I'm a commenting follower +4.

Anonymous said...

Please include me in the contest! My address is just.brennan@gmail.com, and I've just joined your blog. +4, all told.