Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Welcome to My Official Web Page!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Mishmash

First, I have a thank you that's long overdue. Julie Dao passed along this pretty little bouquet to me- I love Picasso and I love awards! So guess, what? If you love Picasso you too can swipe the award!

So, I have some words of wisdom to pass along from my daughter (who is three, by the way). A couple days ago she looked at me, and full of seriousness said, "Mommy, I grow every day."

It was just so adorable, coming from no where. I love watching her grow every day too- learning to read new words, discovering the seasons, and even outgrowing her pants. I like to think that I grow every day too. I've been dabbling in painting lately and I'm making an attempt to try new things whenever possible, be it food or even just reading a book outside of my normal genre.

And of course, I try to grow as a writer each day. Or at least each week. Reading blogs helps as does writing every day.

So, what do you to to grow, either personally or as a writer?

And this weekend's fun word to use in a sentence?

Snafu- (noun) There was a slight snafu in the ice cream conveyor belt, resulting in the most peculiar combination of peppermint cookie dough peanut butter gelato.